Sleep Tips For Insomniacs

In this article I am going to share with you the top sleep tips for insomniacs. Most people have suffered with insomnia at some point in their life, but what do you do about it? What if insomnia occurs on a regular basis? You can’t go through life tired and groggy. Sleep is important and these sleep tips for insomniacs will help.


  1. Make your bedroom as close to complete darkness as possible. Use heavy curtains and/or a sleeping mask if necessary. The key here is darkness for your eyes and body. Light in or around you after you fall asleep can disrupt your circadian rhythm and cause a cycle of fatigue and insomnia.
  2. Stop ingesting all stimulants early in the day, including but not limited to coffee and soda. If you need caffeine to get through the day make your last cup as early as possible, preferably before noon.
  3. Exercise- the bountiful effects of exercise in balancing your body are too many to name. For now get a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise per day.
  4. Take a hot bath one hour before bedtime. This will trigger your body to cool itself off which is the same process that naturally happens in the body, it should bring about the desire to sleep.

ADVANCED Sleep tips for Insomniacs.

  1. Create a to do list for the next day. Make it as detailed as possible so you can allow yourself to forget it at bed time. Work on this list at least 1 hour before bed.
  2. Try a nutritional supplement with magnesium. There are a few on the market. I recommend Peter Gillham’s, Natural Calm. I have seen it work miracles on many people.
  3. If these aren’t working you can try another over the counter supplement- melatonin. You can buy this at your local vitamin shop. Start with the minimum recommended dose and go from there.

Those are 7 great sleep tips for insomniacs. You should also check out this article on STRESS, as stress and insomnia go hand in hand. Till next time.

J. Brown has been working in the health and wellness field for over 10 years. Are these 7 mistakes killing your sleep?

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